Kauri Syndicate Newsletter Term 1 2017

Welcome to all children and their parents and caregivers to Kauri - we hope you’ve all had a lovely holiday break. We are really excited to be back at school and looking forward to a fun-filled year. We love to see the children’s growth as a senior in our school and the increased independence that comes with this. In Kauri we have two teachers Martin Laurence and Rebecca Walker and we are really lucky to have the support of Lyn Barker in the classroom.

This year our focus for the integrated topic will be “UP UP AND AWAY” and we will be focusing on different aspects of this topic.

Topics being covered this term include:

Mathematics: Addition/subtraction strategies and geometry
English: Reading: Roald Dahl novel study, developing reading comprehension strategies and research skills.
Writing: Poetry and recount writing
Integrated Topic: Up Up and Away (Social science, science and technology)

* Flight-the principles of flight Science and technology
 and experiments related to

* Classroom treaty artwork
  inspired by Colin McCahon Art

* Class treaty and cool schools Health and physical well-being

* Aquatics Physical education

* Small balls and games Physical education

* Maori greetings, powhiri/maori
protocol, mihi, waiata, kapa haka Maori


Mathletics and literacy homework needs to be completed each
week. Two Mathletics tasks will be set on a Monday. These are to be
completed before practising basic facts on Mathletics live. The children are
expected to get 1000 points each week. The following Monday we will print off
a record of everyone’s scores and the next homework task will be set.
Children should also practice their timetables at home.

For reading homework children will need to choose their own books to read at
home. They may get books from the school library, class or public library. The
expectation is that every child is to read daily. We will be supporting this in
class by discussing appropriate book choices and introducing the children to
exciting new authors.

Swimming, Sunscreen and Hats
Swimming is part of our physical education programme. Please help us by
making sure that children have their togs at school each day.
The school’s sun safe policy requires all children to wear a hat when they are
outside in terms 1 and 4. Please name all your children’s clothing so we can
return it to the rightful owner.

Parent Help
We are asking for parent help this term. We would like to start times
table testing and daily one-on-one reading. If you are able commit to a
regular time each week please contact us.

If there is anything you would like to discuss, please feel free to come in and
talk with us before or after school. We are unavailable on Tuesdays after
school as we have a staff meeting and Wednesdays when we have a syndicate
planning meeting. Martin also has a syndicate leaders meeting on Tuesday
mornings. If you would like to make an appointment please email us at

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Kind regards

Martin Laurence and Rebecca Walker

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